Kevin Hinkle is a Freelance Artist who specializes in Illustration, Graphic & Brand Design. His published works include the fantasy novel Grasslands with Authocracy Studios & the children’s book Pro Gamers Guide to Healthy Habits in collaboration with content creator Brian Saviano.

Kevin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (Denver, CO) in 2008 and has spent most of his life seeking opportunities to share his passion for creativity with an audience.

In addition to welcoming unique projects from clients, he supports his family on the income generated from selling products created from his artwork. This includes traditional media such as stickers and poster prints but also digital offerings like tutorials and process break-downs on platforms like Patreon, Twitch & YouTube.

His artistic skillset is complemented by a wealth of experience working in Brand Marketing, Public Relations & Community Management. Kevin has proven he has both the organizational & professional skills required to operate a successful freelance business as well as the artistic talent people can call upon for bringing their ideas to life.